Alpha Omega Accounting Secure File Portals

Need to send us your files? We have two secure, confidential portals set up, which one you use will depend on your client status with us.

Not an Alpha Omega Accounting Client yet?

By following the link below, prospective clients can send us important, confidential files to us via our secure FilesAnywhere portal rather than relying on less secure email. Paper documents can be scanned and then uploaded as well.

Click Here to Upload Files to our secure New Client FilesAnywhere Portal

Once you become a client of Alpha Omega Accounting with our Light Keeper CFO services, you will be sent permanent login credentials to our eFileCabinet SecureDrawer below.

Alpha Omega Accounting and Light Keeper CFO Clients:

Already have an account with us? Use our eFileCabinet SecureDrawer link below to upload/download files. Please use the login details in your SecureDrawer invitation email. Unless requested otherwise, we will upload and store copies of your tax returns and other files here for your secure, encrypted access throughout the year.

eFileCabinet SecureDrawer Login

You may also send us your files via fax at